Our mission is to build automated financial services using data and technology, in order to make objective and unbiased credit decisions.





For more info  please contact us at info@Snap-Capital.com 


Financing. Simplified. 



Applicants determine the size and length of the loan before submitting personal details


Applications are being reviewed and approved in seconds.  Once approved, loans are disbursed within minutes to the applicants’ bank account.


SnapCapital’s real-time automated loan processing platform means more speed, convenience & flexibility compared to typical lenders or traditional banks bank. 



“ The bank of the future will be a

technology company with a banking license… “










- SnapCapital was founded on 2014 

- We have  R&D offices in Europe and the Middle East

- Our first subsidiary was opened in Nigeria 

- We plan to expand in Africa and in additional emerging markets globally

- SnapCapital is a privately held company with private equity backing








SnapCapital provides small, short-term loans to consumers online.


The company uses sophisticated risk and decisioning technology to make automated yet responsible lending decisions.


The company focuses on emerging markets with a fast growing middle class. 




SnapCapital was founded by a group of engineers, credit risk experts and digital designers who looked for a better way to scale consumer financing in emerging markets.


We come from technology, financial services, and academic backgrounds, and we are dedicated to providing the best, safest, easiest way to get people money when they need it.


Our vision is to enable consumers from emerging markets to gain access to the same financial products that are available in developed countries 


Emerging Markets present a big opportunity 



  • Over 1.2 Billion middle class people globally in emerging markets
  • Over 300 million in Africa alone
  • Less than 5% have access to credit from traditional financial institutions